M.A. program “European Studies”

TACES consortium developped and implemented a 2-years M.A. program “European Studies” delivered by Tajik National University in cooperation with further partners. Pilot run started in fall 2016.

The curriculum is structured as follows:


I General module


1 English language

2 Academic Writing in English

3 Other Foreign Languages

Methodology module

4 Cultural Theories

5 Analytical Skills in International Studies

6 Social Science Methodology

7 Theory of State and Law

8 Philosophy and Methodology of Science


II Core modul (discipline)

Major specialisation

1 History of the European Idea

2 Introduction to the/ EU Law

3 European Economic Integration

4 Theories of European Integration

5 EU Institution and Policy Making


III Elective module

Special courses for the Students Choise

1 Cross – Cultural Communication

2 Security Issues and Conflicts Management

3 Geopolitics

4 European – Tajik Relations

5 Public Policy

6 Challenges of Socio -Economic Developments

7 Regionalism in Europe and Post – Soviet Space

8 EU Foreign Policy Analysis

9 Sociology of Gender


IV Master thesis module

Practices and state attestation

1 Scientific and pedagogical practice

2 Internship

3 Final graduation attestation and review lectures

4 Submitted MA thesis and defence


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