Mar. ’16 – Aug. ’17: Capacity Building 1 & 2. Developing Curricula and Modules / Developing Human Resources

Developing Curricula and Modules. Description:

Based upon the As-is Analysis and within the given frameworks, the consortium designed a curriculum framework. Mixed workgroups developed module descriptions  as well as the necessary teaching and learning material of the Master Degree program within the requirements of the Bologna declaration and of Tajik law.

Work Packages:

  • Developing a Curriculum Framework / Decision Making (Mar. 2016)
  • Developing modules (M.A. program “European Studies”) (Apr. 2016 – Aug. 2017)
  • Developing and Testing of Distance Learning Element (Aug. – Oct. 2016)


Developing Human Resources. Description:

The Tajik experts involved in the project represent the entire range of academic disciplines needed for delivering the proposed Master program. They are also experienced in the field of academic teaching, but need further training in order to fulfil the requirements of a trans-disciplinary Master Degree program including ICT-based distance learning elements, and in order to fulfil the needs of a European accreditation.

Work Packages:

  • Study Trips to European University Partners (May 2016, May 2017, May 2018)
  • Short term intensive Trainings in Tajikistan (Dec. 2016, Apr. 2017, Apr. 2018)

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