Interim External Evaluation Report, Feb 2018

In February 2018 an Interim External Evaluation report on quality assurance was issued by an external evaluator, based on provided documents and information as well as observations and interviews conducted during the Quality Assurance session on 8 Nov. 2017 and on an interim evaluation field visit to Dushanbe in Feb. 2018. The evaluation report documents the project’s achievements up to this point in time (Feb 2018), but also the short-comings that had to be overcome until the ending of the program. The interviews with the consortium and the students consisted of two parts: At first, participants were asked to reflect and describe their tasks and responsibilities in the project. Based on the information given, specific questions were selected out of a catalogue of pre-defined guiding questions. The information provided was used to evaluate the overall performance of the project and partner’s engagement and commitment.

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