Tajik National University – TNU

TNU played a central part in implementing the Master Degree program, as it had all necessary prerequisites for realising the project and acts as the main player in Tajikistan including scientific power, educational experience, personal and structural resources, technical and audio-visual equipment. NTU led WP 4.1 and 7 and participated in all other WPs. It … Read more

State University of Danghara – SUD

SUD experts contributed to the development of the syllabus and selected modules of the MA program especially in the fields of involved experts, namely Political Siences and Foreign Languages. In a second step, SUD implemented modules into its existing degree programs. In addition, a European Studies Resource Point was founded and equipped. Thus, SUD ensures … Read more

Dissemination Conference in Dushanbe, 4/5 April, 2019

On 4 and 5 April, 2019, the Dissemination Conference of the TACES-Project took place in Dushanbe with representatives from the partner institutions in Dresden and Tartu, as well as from the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Tajikistan and the European Union. Several presentations were held on the project and its achievements, the cooperation with … Read more

Study visit to Dresden (Student Program), 25 Feb – 15 Mar 2019

When you are in Berlin, of course you also have to deal with the history of the city in its different facets. The Holocaust memorial – a place where your own sentiment expresses more than words could do. And the other big historical topic that pulls through the history of the city – literally: the Berlin Wall. An impressive and pensive ending to a rich, varied and educational stay in Germany (Mar 15, 2019).

Study Visit to Dresden (Student Program), 25 Feb – 15 Mar 2019

At the close of their stay, the students also paid a visit to Berlin. A picture in front of the Brandenburg Gate – a must-do for everyone who visits the German capital. Also part of the programme: a visit to the government district with the Reichstag and the office of the Federal Chancellor. To scent the air of German politics – a very special experience for the students (Mar 15, 2019).


Study Visit to Dresden (Student Program), 25 Feb – 15 Mar 2019

Also part of the programme: a visit to Leipzig. There the students did not only visit the Monument to the Battle of the Nations, but also the German National Library. On a guided tour they got to know the building and gained insight into the history and the work of the library. A visit to the exhibitions was also one of the items on the agenda; first of all to the German Museum of Books and Writing with its exhibition on media history (Mar 12, 2019).

Study Visit to Dresden (Student Program), 25 Feb – 15 Mar 2019

One of the items on the agenda for the students was a visit to the museum of military history in Dresden. In the exhibition the students were able to obtain an overview of the German military history from the Middle Ages to today and to learn, how Germany – and especially the Bundeswehr – deals with this history and with the question of how war and the violence it is accompanied by affects the people who suffer from it (Mar 8, 2019).